5 star door to door pet transportation

PetPay Transportation Booking

Name & phone number of the breeder available at pick up.
Include Complete Street Address, City, State & Zip Code.
Name & phone number of the client available at delivery.
Include Complete Street Address, City, State & Zip Code.
List the breed. If not applicable put N/A
Please select which Petpay Travel Agent is managing this shipment.
Please include any additional numbers besides breeder & client you want included in the chat.
Will your pet require medication or special handling?

You must speak to a Transportation specialist  prior to placing a deposit to ensure dates of requested service will be feasible with our schedule. 

1 day prior to your prospective pick up date we will reach out to you via text message to let you know our estimated time of arrival. Please include all numbers on the forum that you want to be included in the text message group chain. 

We transport in mini vans with 24/7 driver care and perfect climate controlled at all times. We Typically have all passenger ride in kennels for added safety. (We provide all kennels for your use during transit.)

All passengers to have a Valid USDA Health Certificate.

Food for the trip must be in a resealable bag.

By booking you agree to the following terms & conditions. They can be found by clicking here. 

 Luggage Policy:

We allow one small personal item. We are limited on cargo space.  Bag must be resealable. Your personal item like a backpack or small handbag must fit in our luggage area. Dimensions should not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm).

* disclaimer we do run 24/7 with a team of two drivers. We do occasionally have to make pick up/ drop offs during late night or early morning. We will give you as much notice on our arrival time as we can.