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Pet Transportation Deposit

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You agree that both pick up & drop off parties can be available 24/7. We operate 24/7 to ensure time on the road for all pets is at a minimum, causing us to occasionally make pick-ups at late night - early morning.
We will send out a group chat via text to both parties involved one day prior with our prospective ETA.
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If no, please call 801-877-3145 or message us in the chat box to the right to confirm availability.

You must speak to a Transportation specialist  prior to placing a deposit to ensure dates of requested service will be feasible with our schedule. 

1 day prior to your prospective pick up date we will reach out to you via text message to let you know our estimated time of arrival. Please include all numbers on the forum that you want to be included in the text message group chain. 

Payment Options:

$200 deposit due to lock in booking. All deposits are NONREFUNDABLE.

To place the deposit you must add this forum to your cart and check out directly on the website. For the deposit we only accept credit cards.  

The remainder is due on delivery. 

We accept the following methods for the remaining balance. 

Venmo: @aretetransport

Cashapp: $aretedogsupply

Zelle: 4353401329

Credit Card

We also accept cash on delivery. 



We provide $1000 of complimentary insurance per transport. You are able to purchase additional insurance for your pet during their travel.

For the additional Insurance to be applicable we need a USDA Health Certificate issued within 10 day of pick up from a licensed vet. 

All insurance is to be paid at booking and is separate of the transport charge. 

Additional Insurance Amount 


$500 $10.72
$1000 $21.44
$2000 $42.88
$3000 $64.32
$4000 $85.76
$5000 $107.22
$6000 $128.77
$7000 $150.08


We transport in mini vans with 24/7 driver care and perfect climate controlled at all times. We Typically have all passenger ride in kennels for added safety. (We provide all kennels for your use during transit.)

All passengers to have a Valid USDA Health Certificate.

Food for the trip must be in a resealable bag.

By booking you agree to the following terms & conditions. They can be found by clicking here. 

 Luggage Policy:

We allow one carry on item of all travels personal items. Bag must be resealable. 

* disclaimer we do run 24/7 with a team of two drivers. We do occasionally have to make pick up/ drop offs during late night or early morning. We will give you as much notice on our arrival time as we can.