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About Us

Arete Dog Supply
We focus on delivering the finest quality to all of our customers. 

At Arete we take a lot of pride in the way we run our business and the quality we deliver. We appreciate every single one of our customers because without you there would be no us. 

Arete was started because we have owned pitbulls and others of the bully breed for many years, after years of not finding the right products and the typically poorly built petsmart products of today we decided to build our own and deliver the quality that this breed & other large breeds require. 

Pitbull Supply was started by Caleb Clark a young 20 year old Entrepreneur from Utah. Pitbull Supply has been completely self funded and brought up from ground zero a prime example of the American Dream. It is now currently managed by Caleb's younger brother Trey. This family owned business is taking over the pet industry bringing a new level of quality not yet seen in the pet market. They have since split and Arete was born. 

We have turned into one of the largest pet transport companies in the country offering weekly routes to over 36 states. 

That is what separates us from any other store is that we use all of our products on our own dogs and we have years of knowledge and experience with the breed. Every time we have our dogs out in public we feel that it is our responsibility to show and teach others that with proper care and attention this can be the most loving and loyal breed of dogs to own. So please any chance you have to educate people that do not know how wonderful this breed really is do so for the pitbull community as a whole. We truly do appreciate all of the responsible owners out there because without all of you working to fight against BSL we would not be able to even have this opportunity so thank you.