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Ear cropping

por Trey Clark septiembre 27, 2018

Ear cropping


Ear cropping is the surgical process of removing a part of the dog's ear to make them stand erect. Why? Most of the motive to crop ears is purely cosmetic. There is also health benefits, the open ear helps increase air flow. This added air flow helps reduce bacterial and fungal infections. There is big controversy whether or not the medical benefits are true. I have witnessed pups jumping around and playing in a mere 30 minutes after the procedure. This article will  help you ease your concerns about ear cropping, and any questions you might have.

When to do it?

Many experts say 8-16 Weeks is the best time to crop a dog's ears. I personally have had over a hundred dogs ears cropped. The best time is 10-14 Weeks. I think at 8 the pup is still too young and weak to handle the anesthesia that comes along with ear cropping. While at 16 the pup is getting older, with age the ears tend to cement into position at this age. Many people think two weeks isn’t that much of a difference, but a puppy matures quickly in the first few months.


Ear cropping can vary in price. Mostly from $200-$500 it ultimately depends on your location. I highly recommend researching the vet you decide to go with, surgery not done correctly can result in death or other serious injury. Also can result in oddly shaped ears that don’t stand up properly.  The proper vet can make this procedure a breeze and at almost no deprivation to the dog or the owner.

4 most common styles

These are the 4 commonly used types of ear cropping.

Battle Crop

The shortest of all the crops. It looks well, biggest issue with this cut is it makes the ears more susceptible to infections.

Short Crop

This is my favorite of the four, It still shows the presence of the ear while not covering the whole face. It’s longer and offers more protection than the commonly used battle crop.

Show Crop

Show crop gives the general appearance of alertness that many pitbull & bully lovers seek. It’s also very popular in demand.

Long Crop

The long crop, as it obviously states is the longest of the four, not many people use this method. It’s sometimes very difficult to make the ears stand up. It leaves around ¾ of the original ear.

How long does it take to heal?

This can vary from dog to dog. Most dogs are back on their feet and playing around within an hour of surgery. The actual wounds may take 3-4 weeks to heal up. Your vet should give you detailed instructions on how to handle your pup through this time. It’s recommended keeping fresh & clean support on the ear.  The doctor can prescribe a few different type of bacterial fighting medicine. If the dog’s ears look to be infected take to the vet immediately.


Ear cropping is a controversial topic for many pitbull breed advocates. As it’s a purely cosmetic procedure and gruesome looking to most multiple parties disagree with the process. When it boils down to it, it’s going to continually be done, the advancement of medical technology is making this procedure, safer and less painful. Always remember to take your pit to a certified professional and take the proper steps in ensuring a successful surgery.

Trey Clark
Trey Clark


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