5 star door to door pet transportation

The Golden Star

The Golden Star

The combination of brass and steel on a Arete Collar, has been a signature feature of the brand. 
It is an auspicious meeting of two metals: one, noble and durable, attractive for its lustre and stability; the other, highly resistant, known for its strength and reliability. All of these qualities perfectly mirror the elegance and performance seen in all of the Arete collars. 


S: Neck for 15-18"(38-46cm)

M:Neck for 17-20"(43-51cm)

L:Neck for 19-22"(48-56cm)

XL: Neck for 21-24"(53-61cm)

The adjustment is from the buckle to the first hole, to the last.

All sizes
have a width of 1.25"