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Smooth & Soothe Dog Shampoo


Smooth & Soothe is built with the natural amazing properties of Emu oil, Ginger Root and Sage root this blend provides a gentle and deep cleansing wash. Emu oil is know as "Natural Miracles" salve ailing skin. It is also known for soothing and calming nerves, relieving tension, panic, hysteria and nervous exhaustion. Frankincense: Reduces irritation, skin calming and used for anti-inflammatory, redness." Ginger Root and Sage Oil are known to be outstanding natural "antibacterial" and "anti-inflammatory" remedies. Tea Tree Oil used to effectively reduce inflammation and soothe ailing skin. 

Did you know whatever you apply to your dogs outer seeps into the bloodstream within minutes?

We are sincerely committed to producing the best quality products. Our special herbal dog shampoo blend has been formulated for what we see as an ever increasing number of dog skin and coat ailments especially seen in bully breeds. 
Providing a safe, gentle, NATURAL option for our customers. Our natural dog shampoo is gentle, completely safe, natural.

Health advantages including dry skin rejuvenation and flea killing abilities. Whilst a variety of flea shampoos and solutions are available to treat fleas in your dog, they often use chemicals that can be harsh on your dog's skin and coat. In the natural state wild ca-ids are equipped to deal or source natural sources to help combat many parasites and ailments of the skin and coat. In a domestic situation, dogs may not have access to these natural sources so chemicals are used to treat these ailments. These may directly or indirectly have detrimental effects or side effects on the dog.

Many of the chemical ingredients in dog shampoos are petroleum based and are known carcinogens. Although some carcinogens may cause cancer, only after prolonged high levels of exposure, it may still pose a problem to the dog and handler or washer. Whatever is put on your dogs skin will be ingested through the skin and into the dogs system, in light of this fact we have produced a natural alternative to help with the fight against fleas and the dry skin problems seen in many pitbulls. 

If your dog has fleas or mites, it is highly recommended to clean the kennel and bedding environment as these can also harbor parasites and it is known that re-infestion may occur due to the surroundings. 

We use premium grade oils and extract infusions and the main ingredients of our dog shampoo are as listed below:

  • Emu Oil
  • Ginger Root
  • Sage Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil