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Elk Antlers

The most durable dog treat on the market. We find all of these Antlers in the back wood country of the western USA. Elk Antlers are great to keep your dog entertained and help break up tartar. Elk is quite a bit harder than deer antlers and tends to last longer. 

Deer and Elk shed antlers once a year as part of a regrowing process. The new antlers will push the old ones out every spring. Many enthusiasts hike the back country looking for this falling treasure. Antlers are highly sought after for dog treats, furniture building, jewelry and multiple other uses. 

Always supervise your dog with the antler and be sure to take it away once the antler reaches a size to become a chocking hazard.

Made in the USA!
100% All Natural
0 Preservatives

Small: 4-6" Long with 1/2 - 1" diameter $10

Medium: 5-7" long with 3/4- 1 1/2" diameter $15

Large: 5-8" long with 1-2" diameter $20

Base: The most unique part with very limited stock. 3"-5" long with a 2 1/2 - 4" diameter. This piece has the most marrow exposed of any of the antlers. $30

1 LBS of Small - Medium will be a mix of each size perfect for smaller breeds $29.95

1 LBS OF Medium - Large will be a mix between medium and large sized whole and cut pieces perfect for larger breeds. $31.95

Discounts on bulk orders.