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Ground Vs Air transport

por McKayla Fonville noviembre 03, 2021

So, you’re on the fence about ground versus air transportation with your fur baby? We are here to settle the debate, and provide the peace of mind you’re searching for. Some of the topics we will be discussing include many of the “pros” associated with ground transportation. Let’s dive in:

  • First and foremost your animals safety, health, and well being are our top priority. One of the top advantages to ground transportation would have to be the personalized care your animal(s) will receive. We take pride in the ‘round the clock priority care. We make sure each animal is cared for with our utmost quality care. We provide comfort for each animal, rather than just getting them from point A to point B. The time spent with your animal is time they will enjoy. Our drivers will diligently take the time to build a trusting relationship with your animal making the transport as calm and minimally stressful as we can possibly provide. 
  • Our company specifically travels in minivans. (Each company varies in transport vehicles.) You may be wondering “why?” Well, for the main benefit of the excellent temperature control throughout the vehicle. We as humans enjoy a comfortable temperature while traveling. In return, so do our furry passengers. During certain months and locations of the flight departures and arrivals air transportation may not even be an available option. Cold weather months prevent airlines from allowing passengers to travel. In addition, warm months also allow no cargo passengers. 
  • We don’t breed discriminate. We allow all breeds feline and canine. Our drivers are even trained in handling bully breeds for expert care. Another huge advantage to ground transportation. Some animals depending on size and breed are allowed in the cabin for air transport with a single flight nanny per animal. Depending on the airline and their specifications. Ground transportation provides a more feasible transportation option. “Snub nose breeds” aren’t welcome to air transportation, for health reasons. They can develop an infection with the elevations, and their breathing may worsen during their time in the air. There are many “dangerous” breeds unwelcomed per airline, each airline's restrictions may vary. Ground transportation, purely depending on the company you choose, is fully reasonable with the breed of pet(s) you are sending for transport. We fully understand that breed reputations have no clutch negatively or positively with any specific breed. We take precautions with each and every breed the same. Absolutely no discrimination. 
  • The routine. Our drivers are trained in a specific routine we implement throughout our training that continues throughout employment. The expectations our drivers meet is second to none. We exercise adult dogs throughout transport multiple times daily. We also have a “no paws on the ground” policy we will apply to any puppy passengers not fully vaccinated. For their safety. Your animal is treated as our own. We document your animals specific instructions on their travel information that our drivers refer to everyday. By the end of transport we have a personal bond and understanding of your specific animal. Our drivers take the time to earn the trust and love of each animal along transport. 
  • The care. Our drivers have come into this field by their love of animals. They each provide top of the line care and patience with each and every animal. Our drivers take pride in their care of each animal along our transport. We consistently stop every 4-6 hours for individual walks and potty breaks for each animal. We also feed each animal in accordance with their personal instructions during these stops. During these stops the drivers will also provide daily picture or video updates of your pet.. The stops for potty breaks and walks is quite honestly one of the biggest advantages to ground transportation. As the animal isn’t thrown from one unfamiliar uncomfortable environment to the next, all while never being released from a kennel. 
  • Accommodations. We have two drivers per van for a timely delivery. Our drivers travel 24/7. Each team provides all of the necessities during transportation. We ask for the appropriate paperwork and food during travel to be sent by the pickup person(s). We will provide everything else for you, included in our bidding price already. No hidden fees or charges. We pickup and deliver door to door, taking the hassle of waiting at a meet up out of the equation. We try to do everything we can to make this as convenient as possible for our clientele. 
  • Time. Time is one of the factors that seems to sway a decision on a transport method one way or another. Depending on your specific situation it may present itself as a “con”. In other situations it comes as one of the “pros”. We do take longer than air transportation would take. Which is a given with ground transportation. If you’re traveling during a move you may prefer the longer transport time, or settling in after a flight. Whatever your situation may be, we aim at providing a service that benefits your specific situation. 

We exhibit the patience, love, and care you hope to achieve when sending your animal on an unfamiliar journey. Therefore we believe ground transportation trumps sending your animal by air, for many definitive reasons. We provide the most professional care we can offer. That is our promise to you. It is our pleasure to transport for each of our clients and their beloved animals. 

McKayla Fonville
McKayla Fonville


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